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Processing Efficiency and Energy Recovery


Our technology and process take aerated compost systems to the most advanced level with the ability to modulate air flow rates relative to oxygen and temperature levels while capturing useful heat and moisture.

Renewable thermal energy captured as moist hot compost vapor is run through specialized heat exchangers where water is heated and condensate water is reclaimed. Aeration exhaust or pre-heated air can be automatically sent back into the compost for moisture and energy optimization. Cooled aeration vapor can be vented directly into a bio-filter for odor control. A drying loop can be added to provide hot dry air for product drying applications. 

This process is the most advanced compost heat recovery system available and saves time and money compared to turned windrow composting. Our technology optimizes the overall composting process and enables effective bio-filter odor control, fast compost production, and predictable continuous heat recovery.

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