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At Agrilab Technologies Inc.(AGT), our mission is to empower our clients in the pursuit of sustainable growth while maximizing the potential of compost as a renewable resource. We believe that a win for our clients is a win for all, fostering collaborative partnerships that drive success.

Collaborative Growth:

We actively collaborate with our clients to help them thrive in their businesses. Our commitment extends beyond providing composting solutions – we work hand-in-hand with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges. By tailoring our systems to their requirements, we enable clients to create high-quality compost more efficiently. This unlocks new opportunities for growth, revenue diversification and labor savings.

Resource Maximization:

AGT is dedicated to extracting the full potential from compost.  We go beyond conventional practices by recovering heat and other valuable resources during the composting process. This commitment reflects our holistic approach to sustainability, where we strive to make every composting site an efficient and resource-rich environment.

Innovation for Accessibility:

Innovation is at the core of our business. We invest in cutting-edge control and sensor technology to bring the latest advancements to our clients. Our goal is to make these innovations accessible and affordable to the compost industry. Our solutions are designed for easy installation and maintenance on client sites, ensuring that the benefits of technology are seamlessly integrated into their operations.

A Legacy of Innovation:

Founded in Vermont in 2010, Agrilab Technologies Inc. has its roots in the work of Josh Nelson, Brian Jerose and Joe Ouellette of Acrolab Ltd.  Our journey began with the installation of the first commercial-scale compost aeration and heat recovery system in 2006. Despite challenges, including the unexpected loss of co-founder Josh Nelson in 2012, we have continued to evolve, expand, and innovate.

Real Solutions for Real Challenges:

AGT is not just about managing organics; it's about harvesting multiple benefits from the resources our clients handle. Our "lab" is the working farm and facility where we address real issues faced by farmers, commercial businesses, municipalities, institutions, and non-profits. We bring an agricultural perspective to commercial and municipal projects, striving to learn and innovate together with our clients to address environmental, climate, and business challenges.

Continuous Improvement:

Our workshop in Cambridge, VT serves as a dedicated space for research and development, allowing us to continually enhance the mechanical, sensor, and control components of our equipment. We are committed to a culture of continuous learning, ensuring that our solutions evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients and the environment.

Join Agrilab Technologies Inc. on a journey of sustainable collaboration, innovation, and shared success. Together, let's cultivate a future where composting is not just a process but a transformative force for positive change.

Meet the Agrilab Technologies Inc. Team

Brian for website IMG_8380
Brian Jerose
President & Co-Founder
Jason McCune
VP of Engineering
Gaelan Brown
Gaelan Brown
Board Member
Todd White
Todd White
Board Member
Ellen for website PXL_20210426_155946663
Ellen Kraft McCune
Sarah for website 2 IMG_7342
Sarah Stavraky
Bookkeeping and Business Admin
Ryan for website IMG_7586
Ryan Koloski
Spencer Taylor
Growth Consultant
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