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Technical Services


From initial designs to a finished product, we are here to ensure your success every step of the way because your success is our success.

Our team of experienced engineers and compost operators design and implement systems to work with your site’s unique setting and feedstocks.  We support your equipment installation from planning and development, construction and implementation, troubleshooting and on-going operating support.

Our consulting work can help your team assess your needs and identify solutions for new facilities or upgrades to existing facilities.  Efficient, safe and compact layouts can maximize your site productivity, and get the most value from infrastructure, equipment and staff investments.

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Site and Infrastructure Planning

Site planning can include multiple elements depending on the needs of the site owner and operator.  We work with clients on compost recipes, batch sizing, process flow, equipment selection and operating practices.  These decisions are based on the volume and characteristics of in bound feedstocks, end product market goals, natural features of the site, vehicle access, neighbor considerations and regulatory review for local, state permitting. Other key factors include a focus on efficiency, budget capacity, construction timing and integration of compost aeration and heat recovery.

Country Oaks site support

Business Solutions and Consulting

Feasibility assessments, grant writing and funding opportunities, start-up support up and expansion, equipment selection and system integration, ROI projections

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