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Hot Box 1000

The Hot Box 1000 is an industrial compost aeration system with heat recovery and material drying capabilities, bringing all the core expertise and functionality of Agrilab Technologies Inc. (AGT) systems in a more powerful package.

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About the Hot Box 1000

The Hot Box 1000 is a scaled up, industrial compost aeration system with heat recovery and material drying capabilities.  Like our smaller systems, the Hot Box 1000 contains all the electronics, sensors and moving parts to efficiently produce high-quality compost with minimal material handling, remotely accessible controls, and data tracking.  The 1000 series is available with custom features, recognizing that at this industrial scale it is cost-effective to adapt to a site’s specific needs.  Using powerful industrial components leverages the economy of scale for larger operations, with less maintenance per unit of compost.

The blower and pipe sizes can be adjusted to match batch volumes from 500 to 1000 cubic yards each, with four-zone and six-zone options.  This means one Hot Box 1000 can be configured to aerate 2000 to 6000 cubic yards of active compost, and of course multiple units can be combined.

The compost heat available at this scale can create significant savings if connected to large users of heat such as greenhouses, shop buildings or process water systems.  Heat exchangers are optional and can be sized to match the site needs, and may be added later if new heat uses are built.


  • Housing:  20’ long shipping container with spray-foam insulation, interior lighting and outlets.
  • Aeration:  5, 10 or 15 horsepower blower with speed control, 800 to 2500 CFM operating ranges, 8”, 10” or 12” pipe connections
  • Compost Batches:  Operate 4 or 6 compost batches of 500 to 1000 CY each, with negative or recirculating aeration.  Batch drying is available.
  • Controls:  Expandable PLC system and touch-screen HMI interface, remotely accessible.  Tracking of oxygen, air flow, air and water temperatures. temperatures.

Installing the Hot Box 1000


                                             Implementation Process

- Hot Box(es) built to order
- The site is graded, utilities (electric, hot water, data) and drainage pipes installed
- Sump tank is placed, HDPE pipes and aeration channels installed
- Push walls are built and concrete working pad(s) cast in place
- Hot Box is set in place and connected to aeration pipes, biofilter and utilities
- Electrical and data are connected, system is tested in place with empty pad
- Hot water system is connected

If the Hot Box 1000 is too large for your needs check out the Hot Box 250.