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AGT Mini System

The AGT Mini system brings our suite of aeration, heat recovery, and control technology into a configurable package for smaller compost volumes.

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About the AGT Mini System

Born from our experience in commercial-scale compost aeration and heat recovery, the AGT Mini system is a compact solution for smaller compost operations. The Mini System shares the features of our larger products but in a smaller, modular package that requires some on-site assembly. This minimizes cost without sacrificing quality.

Standard features include the industrial control package, speed adjustable blower, and monitoring of temperature, oxygen and flow rates. A standard system can be piped to a single compost zone, or multiple zones with manual valves. Negative aeration offers the opportunity to use heat directly from the hot compost exhaust in a biofilter growing bed. Air-to-water heat exchangers, and automated valve packages are engineered to be easily integrated with the base model.

The Mini System is available in 3” and 4” pipe sizes, with up to five automated zones, to aerate compost volumes from 30 to 400 cubic yards.


  • Housing:  Components are easily assembled on a bench in your shed or greenhouse, can used outdoors if above freezing
  • Aeration:  3" or 4" pipe size (up to 1 horsepower), 30 to 180 CFM operating ranges
  • Compost Batches:  Operate up to 5 batches with automated valve package, batch size 30 to 100 CY each, negative positive or recirculating aeration.
  • Controls:  Expandable PLC system and touch-screen HMI interface, remotely accessible.  Tracking of oxygen, air flow, air and water temperatures. temperatures.

Installing the AGT Mini System

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                                             Implementation Process

- AGT will help specify your ideal size and options, we can provide additional consulting if needed
- We can provide HDPE pipes for beneath your compost piles
- Transfer pipes may be PVC, HDPE or other materials
- Mini System components are shipped on a pallet, to be assembled on a table or bench

- AGT provides guidance on connecting the plumbing, electrical and data services, and assist with startup and troubleshooting

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