From initial designs to a finished product, we are here to ensure your success every step of the way because your success is our success.

Our team of experienced engineers and compost operators design and implement systems to work with your site’s unique setting and feedstock.

Our specialized equipment and services take aerated compost systems to the most advanced level with the ability to modulate airflow rates relative to oxygen and temperature levels, and capture useful heat and moisture vapors that can be distributed elsewhere in your operation, or returned to the compost piles for true composting efficiency.  Renewable thermal energy is captured as moist hot vapor that is run through our specialized heat exchanger where water is heated and condensate water is reclaimed. This heated water can be stored in tanks, used in multiple plumbing loops for heating, directed back into other compost piles, and also for drying products.

Agrilab Technologies Equipment

We offer a line of equipment models to meet your site’s needs: Compost Aeration and Heat Recovery (CAHR) units, Compost Aeration only unit, Drum composting heat recovery, Product drying loops, Biofilters for odor mitigation and air quality

Technical Services

Planning, assessments, system and site design and modification, permitting and regulatory compliance, compost heat recovery integration, aeration pad design and construction, recipe refinement, operational efficiency, material handling plans, equipment integration, remote operation and site support

System Support

Consulting through every phase of your project from planning to sales, on-going system monitoring for optimization, remote compost operation, technical equipment support

Business Solutions and Consulting

Feasibility assessments, grant writing and funding opportunities, start-up support up and expansion, equipment selection and system integration, ROI projections