Agrilab Technologies Inc. makes several models of compost aeration and heat recovery (CAHR) systems available as standard offerings. We build these units with the operator in mind, focusing on durability in harsh operating environments, ease of service, and overall value. Aeration-only and custom-built systems are also available.

Complete CAHR packages:

Our flagship line of equipment, these include the core mechanicals and controls to run several compost batches – the “brains, lungs and heart” of the compost system.  These systems come standard with negative aeration, recirculation, and heat recovery connections to a hot water/glycol loop.  Additional functions such as product drying and enhanced heating integration can be added.

Hot Box series

The Hot Box series is built into 20’ steel shipping containers, eliminating the need for a housing structure and ensuring year-round serviceability even in very cold or harsh environments, as well as a place to stash a few tools or supplies at the compost pad.

Hot Skid series

The Hot Skid series is built on a steel skid frame which can be moved with a forklift or similar equipment.  Typically they are installed in small site-built sheds, or within a larger building that also contains the compost.

All of our CAHR systems come standard with computerized controls and monitoring, heat recovery and recirculation capability. These are some stock systems with spec sheets, more options are available on request:

AGT Compost Hot Skid 250-4RAerate four compost piles, up to 700 cubic yards
AGT Compost Hot Box 250-4RAerate four compost piles, up to 700 cubic yards
AGT Compost Hot Box 250-8RDAerate eight compost piles, up to 1400 cubic yards, with product drying

Product Drying, Aeration and Heat-Only packages:

These smaller systems can be a good fit for some applications, including upgrades to existing aerated compost operations. Product drying units are generally more customized than our standard products in order to meet the unique space and  material handling needs of the site operator. The AerSkid below was developed to control odor and moisture in a bedded-pack dairy barn.

AGT Drum DragonHeat recovery and enhanced aeration for a composting drum
AGT AerSkidPositive aeration skid with high performance speed-controlled blower