The Agrilab Inside™ patented compost aeration and heat recovery process was developed over many years of R&D in the US and Canada. Our first compost heat recovery system using negative aeration and Isobar heat-exchangers was installed at Diamond Hill Custom Heifers in Vermont in 2006.

Several successful compost systems with Agrilab Inside™ technology are in operation on dairy farms and commercial compost/greenhouse operations, providing cost effective hot water and space heating with optimum compost process efficiency.

In late 2015 the company launched a standard product line of compost aeration and heat recovery systems to meet the needs of most farms and commercial compost operations. These include the Drum Dragon 200 system for rotary drums along with the Compost Hot Skid and Compost Hot Box platforms for farms and commercial compost sites.

Agrilab Inside™ systems also enable cost effective odor control and the reclamation of process-water and CO2 from compost.

Agrilab Inside™ Compost Aeration and Heat Recovery Process:
  1. Pays for itself through process efficiency and energy generation.
  2. Generates predictable continuous heat and hot water for space heating, cold or dry climate compost process optimization, wash-water, product drying and greenhouse heating.
  3. Aeration exhaust recirculation back into the pile maintains optimum compost moisture and temperature profiles for increased throughput and quality assurance.
  4. Saves time and money compared to turned windrow composting with computer controlled web-connected data capture for process control and PFRP (process for further reduction of pathogens) assurance.
  5. Optimizes bio-filtration for the best possible odor control: make your neighbors happier.