Agrilab Technologies, LLC is a Vermont-based company that has pioneered compost processing and heat recovery technology since 2007. Our patented compost aeration and heat recovery technology is the world’s most advanced compost processing system in the world in terms of energy efficiency, compost process control and energy yield.


Our compost processing technology pays for itself in terms of thermal energy captured from the process. No other compost processing technology available can make this claim.

What is Agrilab Inside™?

The patented Agrilab Inside process takes aerated compost systems to the most advanced level with the ability to modulate air flow rates relative to oxygen and temperature levels, capturing useful heat and moisture, and recirculating compost vapor heated dry air into the compost to optimize heat and moisture levels.

Renewable thermal energy captured as moist hot compost vapor is run through specialized heat-exchangers where water is heated and condensate water is reclaimed. Aeration exhaust or pre-hated air can be automatically sent back into the compost for moisture and energy optimization. Cooled aeration vapor can be vented directly into a bio-filter for odor control.

This process is the first and most advanced compost heat recovery system available and saves time and money compared to turned windrow composting. Agrilab Inside™ optimizes the overall composting process and enables effective bio-filter odor control, fast compost production and predictable base load heat and water recovery.

Our technology combines best composting practices with specialized heat-exchangers and aeration systems to yield an average of 1000 btu/hour per ton of compost being aerated, with peak outputs even higher. A household oil burner may have a capacity of 100,000 btu/hour if it ran all 60 minutes, but also consumes considerable oil in the process. Agrilab Inside systems generate a steady, moderate output of 100 F up to 146 F and build up a “bank” of heat connected to a thermal mass or hot water heat-exchanger.

Isobar® heat-exchange Systems are based on specialized heat tubes designed by Acrolab, Ltd. of Windsor, Ontario, which have been adapted for use in composting systems. For over 50 years, Acrolab has designed and built numerous specialized and precision heat transfer components for use in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, custom molding and agricultural applications. President Joe Ouellette of Acrolab was a key partner in designing, building and monitoring performance of the Isobar® System installed at Terry and Joanne Magnan’s farm, Diamond Hill Custom Heifers in Sheldon, VT.

Agrilab Technologies now owns the patents and is bringing this revolutionary technology to market to meet the needs of wide range of end-users including farms of all types, commercial and municipal compost operations and commercial greenhouse companies.

The simple but innovative means by which the patented Isobar® Systems function is an internal vaporization and condensation cycle that almost instantly transfers thermal energy from the point of input across the heat pipe to the area of thermal output.

The heated vapor from a windrow of active compost is drawn by a blower and the vapor condenses on the outside of the heat exchangers. Thermal energy is transferred through the heat-exchanger to the tank of water, where the heat is released. The tank of hot water is then used to circulate through radiant floors to heat buildings or to a pre-heater tank to warm water for washing or other uses.